BenQ XL2411P Best Settings

There are many reasons why you should love the BenQ XL2411P. First, it has Color Vibrance for picking out your enemies on the battlefield. Next, it offers a top-quality eQualizer that will enhance your gaming experience.

Out of the box, you might not enjoy the display of the XL2411P. For this reason, you might want to play around with its picture settings. If handled properly, you can expect the best pictures from the gaming monitor.

Are you ready to improve the gameplay on your device? Here are some of the best settings that you can use on the BenQ XL2411P.]

benq xl2411p best settings

BenQ XL2411P Best Settings

If you are looking for the best general settings for this gaming monitor, you can try the following values.

  1. Choose Standard mode
  2. Leave the Refresh Rate at 144Hz
  3. Tune the Brightness to a 100
  4. Set the Contrast to 50
  5. Adjust the Low Blue Light option to 0
  6. Set the Black eQualizer to 0
  7. Turn off the Blur Reduction
  8. Use the following settings for the Color Temperature: Red (100), Green (80), Blue (80).
  9. Set Hue to 50
  10. Set the Color Vibrance to 10
  11. Disable RESET Color
  12. Set Ama to ULTRA/ Premium
  13. Switch on Instant Mode
  14. Tune Sharpness to 5
  15. Leave Gamma at 3

The Best XL2411P Calibration Settings

The following settings can help calibrate your BenQ gaming monitor. If they do not meet your preferences, you can reset the settings.

Here are some of the calibration settings for the XL2411P.

  • Leave the Picture Mode at Standard
  • Adjust the Luminance to 100cd/m2
  • Tune Luminance to 12
  • Set the Contrast to 47
  • Use the following settings for the RGB Controls: Red (92), Green ( 99), Blue ( 99)
  • Leave Gamma Setting for Mode 4
  • Color Temperature should stay at 6403K
  • Set White Balance dE at 0.73
  • Leave Color dE at 2.57
  • Tune Gamma to 2.16

How to Check the Refresh Rate on the XL2411P?

Refresh rates are important features on gaming monitors. If they offer the ideal refresh rate, you can expect smoother gameplay and less ghosting. On top of that, it promises victory to pro gamers on certain first-person shooter games.

So if you want to choose a monitor based on its refresh rate, look for something that offers around 144Hz – 240Hz

The XL2411P has a 144Hz frame rate. If you want to check out the refresh rate of your device, the following steps should help.

For Windows 10 systems,

  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll to System and hit the Enter Button
  • Enter Display -> Advanced Display Settings -> Display Settings
  • Scroll to Monitor, select Refresh Rate, and choose OK.

For Windows 8 or 7,

  • Right-click on the Desktop
  • Choose Screen Resolution
  • Select the Advanced Settings
  • Click on the Monitor Tab
  • Head to Screen Refresh Rate Box and pick your preferred refresh rate.

You can also check or adjust the frame rate from the GPU Panel. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the NVIDIA GPU and select Change Resolution
  2. Enter Display Option and choose a resolution
  3. Select Refresh Rate as 144hz.

Best NVIDIA Control Panel Settings for the BenQ XL2411P

If you are using the BenQ XL2411P, the following NVIDIA settings can help improve your experience. To use the steps, you should go to the NVIDIA control panel.

  1. Set Brightness at 45%
  2. Adjust Contrast to 45%
  3. Tune Gamma to 0.75
  4. Set Digital Vibrance to 50%
  5. Tune Hue to 0

Wrapping Up

The BenQ XL2411P deserves a spot on any good gaming monitor list. When it comes down to it, you can expect the best features from this top-quality monitor.

Even if the picture settings do not meet your standards, there are several ways to create an impressive video on the screen. You can set the monitor itself or work on the NVIDIA panel. If our recommended settings do not improve your display, you can reset the adjustments and test other settings.

Extra advice can be gotten from forums or the BenQ support website. If you don’t mind spending some cash, you might also seek the services of a professional.

To get the best audio on the monitor, try pairing it with a soundbar. Also, use the best equalizer settings on the audio device.


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