Dell Laptop Camera Settings Guide

Over the years, the Dell Laptop has become one of the best PCs. Asides from having great features, this popular PC boasts a decent webcam. But before you can get good images, you will have to adjust its settings.

Anyone can adjust the camera settings on Dell Laptop. However, it would help if you knew the right steps to take. Luckily, you can find these settings in our article.

dell laptop camera settings

Dell Laptop Camera Settings

Here are the best steps for working with the camera on Dell laptops. But before using our advice, we suggest that you check the manual that comes with your laptop.

Video Proc Amp Settings

  • Brightness : 0
  • Contrast : 0
  • Hue : 0
  • Saturation: 64
  • Sharpness: 2
  • Gamma: 100
  • White Balance: 4600
  • Backlight Comp: 2
  • Gain: 1
  • Powerline Frequency ( Anti Flicker): 60 Hz

Camera Control

  • Exposure: – 5

How to Get to the Camera Settings  Menu on Dell Laptops

Before you can adjust the Dell laptop, you will have to access the right settings. If you cannot find the settings, use the following steps to find them.

  1. Click the Start Button on the Desktop
  2. Type “Webcam Manager” into the search bar
  3. Scroll through the results and choose the Dell Webcam Manager
  4. Click on the Webcam Console- Camera tab
  5. Adjust the featured parameters on the Camera tab.

Dell Laptop Camera Settings for Skype

Do you want to use your Dell webcam for virtual meetings such as Skype? Well, you might have to tweak the camera until you get a better video.

If you have a model such as the Dell Inspirion, you cannot adjust the webcam from the Settings menu. Instead, you will have to use the Skype app to perform this task.

  1. Launch the Skype app.
  2. Choose the three dots on the Skype Menu.
  3. Select Settings – Audio & Video.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Webcam settings. Uncheck the auto boxes and also pick your location. Also, ensure that you have already unchecked the options on the camera control tab of the laptop.

Under the Video Proc Amp Settings, input the following values

  • Brightness : 0
  • Contrast : 0
  • Hue : 0
  • Saturation: 64
  • Sharpness: 2
  • Gamma: 100
  • White Balance: 4600
  • Backlight Comp: 2
  • Gain: 1
  • Powerline Frequency ( Anti Flicker): 60 Hz
  • Under the Camera Control Settings: Set the Exposure to -5
  • Exit the Settings option

How Can I  Improve My Dell Laptop Camera Quality?

Adjusting your Dell Laptop camera might help with the video quality. But there are other ways that you might improve the performance of this accessory.

1. Let in Some Light

Adding some light into the background can improve the quality of your Dell webcam. But instead of spending a fortune on expensive equipment, use the webcam in areas with enough sunlight. You can also stick with an affordable bed lamp and wrap some typing paper to soften the light.

2. Tune Your Resolution Settings

You can get better video calls by working on the webcam resolution of the Dell laptop. For best results, it would help if you reduced the resolution.

  1. Head to Desktop – Properties – Screen Resolution
  2. Adjust the Screen Resolution until you have sharper images.
  3. Update your Software

Are you having grainy videos on Facebook or any other sites with video chat features? If yes, then you might have to get the latest version of the app. After all, this method promises improved video on your Dell camera.

3. Work on the Background

Before making any call, clear the room of clutter. You should also stick with a plain wall as it makes things easier. On top of that avoid areas with excess movement that might disturb the video.

4. Maintain the Right Position

As you use the Dell laptop camera, ensure it stays at your eye level. Besides, add enough light to brighten the space and offer high-quality video.

Dell Laptop Camera Not Working Windows 10

According to users, the camera on a Dell Windows 7 laptop does not work as expected. As a result, they might not get the ideal experience from these systems.

If you have such a problem, you can use the following hacks to get things sorted out:

Get the latest Dell Webcam

Instead of enduring poor-quality video, head to the Dell website and find the latest version of your webcam. Then download the software and install it on your PC.

Repair the Camera

Supposing your Dell laptop had an accident, there is a high chance that the webcam might have issues. You can fix this problem by using a trusted technician or Dell Technical support.

Install the Right Drivers

Apart from upgrading the webcam, you will also have to get the right drivers for your Dell laptop. For this task, head to the Dell website and look for the versions that suit your PC. As you install these drivers, stay away from the beta versions due to their unstable features.

Permit Your Apps

For some reason, some Dell laptops do not offer ( some apps) default access to their cameras. But you can solve these issues by adjusting the privacy settings on the PC. All you have to do is

  • Click Camera
  • Adjust “Set Camera Access for this Device” to ON
  • Adjust ” Allow Apps to Access Your Camera” to ON
  • Select the app that you would want to access your camera switching them on.

Reach Out to Dell Technical Support

If the above-listed hacks do not work, then it might be time to reach out to the Dell Technical service. As expected, this platform offers the best hands for dealing with any issues with your Dell laptop camera settings.

How Do I Turn on the Webcam on the Dell Laptop?

Here are the steps for opening the camera on the various Dell laptops

If you are using a Dell laptop with Windows 11:

  • Click the Start button
  • Choose the All Apps – Camera

If you are using the Dell laptop with Windows 12:

  • Click the Start button
  • Choose the Camera App


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