HP 25X Monitor Best Settings

If you are a fan of budget gaming monitors, you would love the HP 25X. After all, it boasts of high performance, brightness, and fast response rates. It can even show content in portrait or landscape modes.

Thanks to these features, the HP 25X is one of the top monitors in the market. But before you can experience the full power of this tool, you might have to play around with its settings. The good news is that these adjustments can be made without any skills or equipment.

Do you want to improve your experience of the Hp 25x? Then you should consider the following settings.

hp 25x monitor best settings

HP 25X Monitor Best Settings

Here are some suggestions that can enhance images on the HP 25x.

Best Calibration Settings for the HP 25X Monitor

If you have messed up the settings on your HP 25x, you can end up with a yellowish tint on your screen. To handle these issues, try calibrating the screen.

For this task, try to leave your computer on for about 30 minutes. Besides, make sure that the device is free from dirt and dust.

Now here are the settings for calibrating the HP 25x screen.

  • Right-click on the Desktop and choose Display Settings
  • Move downwards and click on the Advanced Settings tab
  • Confirm if your resolution is set at the ideal resolution.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose color calibration.
  • Start the color calibration by hitting the Next button.
  • Follow the prompt until you adjust the following settings: Color, gamma, brightness, gamma, and calibration balance.
  • After setting up the calibration, click on Finish.

The Best Hp 25x Settings for Xbox

As you play an Xbox console with the Hp 25x, you must use a high refresh rate. With this in mind, you should increase the refresh rate settings. Although the screen can reach up to a 144Hz refresh rate, you can leave it at 120.

Here is how to adjust the video settings on the Xbox

  • Press the Xbox Button and move to General Settings
  • Scroll to General TV and Display settings
  • Move to Advanced Settings and choose Video Fidelity Overscan
  • Scroll to Overrides and pick HDMI
  • Choose Use Manual Settings in the Override Your TV dialog box
  • Return to General Display and TV Settings and select Display
  • Click on Resolution and choose 1080p
  • Press Yes to apply the settings
  • Click on Refresh Rate and move upwards to 120 Hz.
  • Click on Yes to keep the settings

How to Turn on G – Sync and FreeSync on the Hp 25x

With G-Sync on, you can expect smoother graphics and gameplay. As the Hp25x supports this feature, it stands as one of the best budget displays for gaming.

  • Go to the Nvidia Control panel
  • Go to Display > Setup G-Sync
  • Confirm if the Enable Gsync option and Enable for Full-screen mode are turned on. Also, check if the Enable Settings for the Selected Display Model option is active
  • Return to Display and Choose Resolution
  • Use the following settings: Resolution ( 1920 × 1080), Refresh rate (144Hz), Desktop Color Depth ( 32-bit), output dynamic range (full).

How to Get Good Audio on the Hp 25x

Even if the HP 25x does not have speakers, there are different ways to get the best audio from the device. Start by connecting headphones or external speakers to the gaming monitor. You should also adjust the equalizer settings to get the best audio

There are tons of affordable speakers/ headphones in the market. Some stores even sell fairly used models at cheaper prices. But if you have the cash to spare, there is nothing wrong with using expensive brands.

Wrapping Up

The Hp 25x is one of the best items for gaming and other types of content. When connected to your PC or console, you can expect high-quality displays.

If your display feels out of place, try calibrating the settings with our recommendations. Also, ensure that the connections are well secured. To get additional settings, try reaching the Hp Support page or service center. You can also check out any trusted gaming forums.

As for sound, use high-performance accessories. Also, look out for the best settings that will improve your audio. Moreover, connect the external speakers or headphones properly.


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