Samsung CFG73 Best Settings

If you love video games, then you should get a good monitor. After all, the best models have faster response rates, stunning displays, and designs. On top of that, they even feature several modes for various uses.

One such device is the Samsung CFG73. Like the best monitors in the market, it has everything that suits professional and amateur gaming. You can also use it to work or watch TV shows or movies.

But this monitor doesn’t work by magic. Before you can get the best pictures, it would help if you played around with its settings.

Do you use the Samsung CFG73? Then, you can use the following settings to improve your experience.

samsung cfg73 best settings

Best Settings for the Samsung CFG73 — Calibration

Here are the best calibration settings for the Samsung CFG73. If these settings do not offer great images on your device, you can play around with the settings until they meet your preferences.

  • Leave Contrast on default settings
  • Leave Black eQualizer on default
  • Reduce the Brightness to
  • Set Response to Standard
  • Lower the refresh rate

You can also use these settings to calibrate the display on the Samsung CFG73.

  • Tune the Brightness to 75
  • Leave the Contrast at 75
  • Adjust Sharpness to 60
  • Set the Black eQualizer to 20
  • Adjust the Gamma Settings to Mode 1
  • Set the RGB controls with the following settings: Red (15), Green (25), and Blue (50)

Best Samsung CFG73 Settings for PC

For smooth gameplay, you should use the maximum refresh rate on the Samsung monitor. Apart from enjoying your gameplay, the setting promises natural movements.

Here’s how to adjust the refresh rate on the Samsung monitor :

  • Right-click on the desktop and click on Display settings.
  • Move downwards and select Advanced Display Settings
  • Click on the Monitor Tab

Best Samsung CFG73 Settings for Gaming

As a gaming monitor, the Samsung CFG73 has enough features for smoother gameplay. But to enhances its performance, consider testing the following settings.

  • Set brightness between 20 – 40
  • Adjust white balance with minor settings
  • Use the following values for the RGB controls: Red (46), Green (52), Blue (52)

You can also try the following steps

  • Picture Mode: sRGB
  • Brightness: 55
  • Set Response Time to Normal

The Best Samsung CFG73 Settings for the PS4

If you play the PS4 with the Samsung CFG73, there is a high chance of screen tearing. After all, the PS4 does not have free sync. For this reason, it would help if you used a PC instead.

Are there Sound Settings for the Samsung CFG73

The Samsung CFG73 does not have a speaker. With this in mind, there are no audio settings for this gaming monitor.

So how can you get the best sound from the CFG73? Well, try connecting the monitor to the speakers. Also, ensure that the connections are well-secured. Besides, adjust the equalizer settings to enjoy the best sound.

The Best Samsung CFG73 Settings for Regular Use

Asides from gaming, you can use the Samsung CFG73 for work or surfing the internet. If you feel that the screen does not meet your requirements, try working with the following settings.

  • Set the Brightness to 48
  • Leave the Contrast at 57
  • Adjust the Sharpness to 60
  • Set the RGB controls with the following settings: Red ( 40), Green ( 50), Blue (58)

Wrapping Up

The Samsung CFG73 is one of the best tools for everyday gaming. Asides from offering a trendy design, the device allows you to enjoy playing your video games. On top of that, they offer some features for movies or work.

With a few adjustments, it is possible to improve the quality of your monitor. For instance, you can calibrate the color settings for the monitor. It is also possible to make the screen suitable for games and movies.

But these settings are not set in stone. If our suggestions do not improve your monitor, try making minor adjustments. For extra advice, try contacting the Samsung support center. Moreover, visit trusted user forums for more settings.

As for the audio settings, get a pair of speakers or headphones. After connecting the accessories, play around with the equalizer settings until the monitor sounds better. To get the best audio, stick with top-quality devices.


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