Zoom H6 Best Settings for Superb Audio Quality

The Zoom H6 is one of the decent handheld recorders in the market. When used, it can pick sounds from several sources and support many input attachments. With this in mind, it has become a favorite of artists, journalists, and other users.

Although it is dependable as a sound recorder, you can improve its features. For this task, it would help if you made a few adjustments to its settings.

Luckily, these settings are suitable for all its users. Besides, you can perform these adjustments without any professional help.

zoom h6 best settings

Zoom H6 Best Settings

Here are some of the best settings for various types of content. If the settings do not meet your preferences, you can remove them and try new ones.

Zoom H6 Best Settings for Podcasting

If you make regular podcasts, you should check out the Zoom H6. To make it ideal for this task, try the following recommendations.

Try recording your content in 44.1kHz 4 Bit WAV. If you are aiming for CD-quality recordings, 44.1 kHz is enough to meet this requirement. Also, remember to make your recordings at the highest bitrate.

To avoid any issues, ensure that Limiter 1 is applied to all audio tracks. Also, set up backup recording especially if you are working on less than 3 tracks.

When it comes to the levels, stick with settings that offer audio of -6 and -12 dB. Furthermore, make your recordings in areas with minimal background noise.

Zoom H6 Best Settings for Videos

You can also use your Zoom H6 for making videos. As with podcasting, it would help if you tweaked around some settings for improving its performance.

If you want to set the Recording format, consider working with 24.1 and 16 bit. After recording files in noisy areas, ensure they are of high quality as such features allow you to manipulate the sounds properly.

Are you working with mp3s? If yes, do not use the Zoom H6 for this task. After all, you will end up with low-quality audio that will not suit your 4k or 1080p content. So when you are recording with the Zoom H6, go for the highest possible quality.

Other Settings you should look out for include

  1. Turn off Auto Record
  2. Turn off the Back-Up Recording
  3. Enable Backup recording

Best Zoom H6 Settings for Recording Music

If you are interested in recording music with the Zoom H6, you will end up with various results. For instance, it might not provide a decent recording of modern pop or jazz music. However, the Zoom H6 works well with genres like punk rock.

So why use the Zoom H6 for certain genres? Well, the H6 can capture vocals and all types of background noise. If your genre works with the other noises, then it would suit your studio sessions.

Best Zoom H6 Settings for Interviews

As you use the Zoom H6 for an interview, pair it with an X/Y stereo mic. Ensure that the mic is placed within three feet from the user.  Since you are recording a human voice, work with -23db RMS or higher.

The Best Zoom H6 Settings for Live Events

It is also possible to use the Zoom H6 recorder for live events such as concerts. To handle any loud noise, try adding the XYH-5 shock-mounted X/Y mic to your setup. After all, this ambient mic has enough features for working with excess noise.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Zoom H6 recorder is a decent tool for getting good audio. If you have to use the above suggestions, you can get the right settings and improve the H6’s performance.

But these settings are not set in stone. When it comes down to it, they might not meet your particular tastes. If you have these issues, consider removing the settings and trying other options.

When recording with the H6, aim for the highest quality format. Besides, do not use the recorder for mp3s and recording some music genres.

Have you run out of ideas? Contact the Zoom customer care center or visit any of the trusted support forums. You can also drop questions on the Zoom website.


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