Samsung Soundbar Treble & Bass Settings for Best Audio

Samsung offers some of the best soundbars in the market. With these devices, you can get the best audio from your music, games, and movies.

But before you can enjoy the full bass and treble of a Samsung soundbar, it would help if you adjusted some settings. Here are some of the top settings for making the Samsung soundbar sound better.

samsung soundbar treble bass settings

Samsung Soundbar Treble & Bass Settings for Best Audio

Here are some settings that can provide top quality audio on the Samsung soundbar

The Best Samsung Settings for Adjusting Treble and Bass

If you want to adjust the bass/treble volume settings on your Samsung, it would help if you tried the following steps.

  • Select Sound and Choose TREBLE or BASS.
  • Use the Up or Down button to choose a preferred volume. Normally, you can choose a value from -6 to +6.
  • If you want to adjust the sound of each frequency band, press and hold the Sound control button for five seconds. Available bands include 1.2Hz, 2.5 Hz, 150Hz, 300 Hz, 600 Hz, 5 kHz and 10 kHz. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the listed frequencies and adjust their values ( between -6 to +6).

How to Have Different Levels of Bass and  Treble

If you can’t adjust your bass without having the same level of treble, you can try the following settings.

Start by fixing an optical cable to one soundbar while an HDMI cable goes into the other soundbar. After these settings, you should be able to set different sizes for your bass and treble. Remember to use the Up and Down buttons to choose the values.

The Best Equalizer Settings for Samsung Soundbars

Equaliser settings are a combination of bass and treble controls. If you are looking for the best sound, you should leave the equaliser on Flat. Here are the settings that you should get from this mode.

  1. 32 : 0db
  2. 64 : 0db
  3. 125: 0db
  4. 250 : 0db
  5. 500: 0db
  6. 1k: 0db
  7. 2k: 0db
  8. 4k: 0db
  9. 8k: 0db
  10. 16k: 0db

The Best Treble and Bass Settings for Calibrating Soundbars

If you want to calibrate your Samsung Soundbar, you might have to set your bass and treble settings. Here are the recommended values for adjusting the calibration.

  • Preset : Standard
  • Bass Settings: -6
  • Treble Settings : 6
  • Slope:-0.19
  • Std Err : 2.34dB
  • Low Frequency Extension: 42.4 Hz
  • High Frequency Extension : 18.5 kHz

How to Increase the Sub Woofer Base of a Samsung Soundbar

As you watch an action movie, the subwoofer provides low-frequency sounds. Instead of playing conversations, this component offers explosions and other sound effects. For this task, the subwoofer requires some deep bass settings.

There are two methods for adjusting the bass on the subwoofer of the Samsung soundbar.

Method 1

Whip out the Soundbar remote and choose the Woofer button.

Press the Skip button above the Audio Sync button to increase the volume. As you increase the volume, the bass increases. You can choose between SW+1 and SW+6.

You can also reduce the bass and volume by pressing the Skip button above the sound effect button.

Test the settings with some music or an action movie.

Method 2

  1. Get the Sound Bar remote and press the Sub Woofer level button.
  2. Look at the soundbar display and ensure it shows “SW 00”
  3. As you increase the volume, the bass increases. Increase the subwoofer volume by pressing the “+” button above the SW level button. The volume goes from SW +01 to SW +06.
  4. Hit the “-” above the SW level button to decrease the volume.
  5. Test the settings by playing an action movie or music.

Wrapping Up

Out of the box, the Samsung soundbar offers incredible features. Thanks to these options; you can have the best audio from all types of content.

If you want to enhance your experience, try using the above bass and treble settings. You can even make some minor adjustments to our recommendation.

You can get additional advice from the Samsung website. Moreover, some customer forums offer advice for various types of settings.


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