Sound Blaster X G6 Settings for Best Audio Output

The Sound Blaster G6 is used to improve the audio on most gaming devices. Thanks to its amazing features, you can pick even the slightest noise from your favorite game.

But before you can enjoy your Sound Blaster G6 soundcard, you might have to make some adjustments. Here are some of the best settings for the Sound Blaster G6.

sound blaster x g6 settings

The Best Sound Blaster X G6 Settings for Gaming

If you are playing an FPS like COD, you might have issues with the sound. However, you can use the following settings to tune up your audio especially with video games. But before using the following procedure, try playing the game in Scout Mode.

  1. Set the Windows to 7.1 or 5.1
  2. Ensure the speakers look small on the menu
  3. Disable the driver settings including direct mode and Dolby.
  4. Avoid the equalizer but ensure that the crystalizer stays at 20-30.

The Best Settings for Stopping Microphone Noise on the G6

Here are the best settings for setting up Microphone Boost. After enabling this setting, you should not worry about unwanted noises in your recordings. To use these settings, you will need the Sound Blaster Connect app.

Here are the steps for enabling Microphone Boost

  • Open the Sound Blaster Connection app
  • Select Setup – Mixer
  • Tune down the microphone boost to 0db. Then slowly bring it back up to your preferred settings. Also, ensure that the BlasterX Acoustic Engine is disabled.

Best Sound Blaster G6 Settings for PUBG

With the Sound Blaster G6, fans of PUBG can also get the best audio. If you plan to use earbuds with the soundboard, consider checking out the following settings.

  1. Launch the Sound Blaster app from your desktop
  2. Scroll to Equaliser and use the following settings

31hz = 0.8db

62hz= 1.8db

125 hz = 8.7 db

250 hz = 10.5 db

500 hz = 12db

1k = 9.5 db

2k = 8db

4k = 6.2 db

16k = 2db

  1. Save the settings and Exit.

Extra Settings for Sound Blaster G6 for Gaming

Asides from the above settings, other steps can help create better audio. If you use the Sound Blaster via USB, consider using virtual sound. Also, push all settings to the max range.

How to Stop the Pop Noise with the G6 Soundblaster

If you connect your G6 Soundblaster to your PC and headphones, you might notice some popping sounds. Although it feels like a software problem, it is quite easy to handle this issue.

Simply use the G6 in stereo mode. You can also avoid Stereo or SBX mode.

The Best Sound Blaster Settings for Volume Control on PC

On Windows, Sound Blaster volume control is handled digitally. So if you use low settings for your device, you should expect a lower dynamic range. For sound with 24bit audio, there is no need to bother about issues with dynamic range.

Let’s say you have the Topping E30 DAC, you can use the following settings to handle the volume. On the DAC, use the Window Master Volume at the highest setting i.e. 100%. If you want to use intersample overs, consider working with lower settings. Finally, use the remote control of the DAC to adjust the volume of the audio.

If you want the best volume from your Windows with a G6 soundcard, test sound within level 8 – 20. Do not go up to 30 as it might disturb your experience. When it comes to frequency, consider leaving between 48hz and 192khz.

How to Remove Sound Blaster Driver  from Windows

Even if Sound Blaster has many powerful features, it is easy to remove its drivers. As expected, this task requires a few steps.

  1. Right-click on the Start Tab and scroll to Settings
  2. Scroll and choose Settings
  3. Select Apps
  4. Look for Sound Blaster USB Audio Driver and Sound Blaster Connect 2
  5. Uninstall both apps
  6. Finish the installation process by following
  7. Download the latest version of the Sound Blaster 6 software

Wrapping Up

The Sound Blaster G6 is ideal for offering great sound. But with the earlier mentioned settings, you can expect top-class audio.

Although these settings can enhance your experience, they might not suit all users. For this reason, you can check out the Sound Blaster owner’s manual for extra advice.


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