JVC Pro EQ Best Settings

For many years, JVC has stood as one of the top audio brands. Based in Japan, the company offers headphones, speakers, car stereos, and other sound equipment.

JVC products are well-made and durable. Besides, they offer some of the best audio in the market. On top of that, these devices have equalizers for producing a good bass and treble.

Do you want to know the best equalizer settings for your JVC Pro equipment? Well, check out our recommendations.

jvc pro eq best settings

JVC Pro Eq Best Settings

Here are some of the best settings for adjusting the equalizers on several types of JVC equipment. You can use our suggested settings as a rough guide for making your adjustments.

Best Settings for JVC Pro Car Stereos

JVC Pro car stereos are some of the best tools for listening to high-quality audio. Since they have equalizers, it is possible to fine-tune the sound until you get the best audio output.

If you are looking for the best EQ settings for a JVC car stereo, try these recommendations:

For Setting the Front to Back Balance on the KD-R99OBTS Car Stereo

  • Press and hold the button on the bottom right of the car stereo.
  • Confirm that the display shows EQ Settings
  • Twist the volume button until AUDIO CONTROL appears on the display.
  • Select the AUDIO CONTROL by pressing the volume button.
  • Twist the Volume Button until FADER appears on the display.
  • Select FADER by pressing the volume key.
  • Twist the volume button to balance the front and rear.

JVC Pro Eq Best Settings for Speakers

Although there aren’t any best settings, you can make your JVC speakers sound better than normal. Before you start adjusting the equalizer, turn off any special audio mode. You should also set all the sliders to the 0db position or “Flat Position”

Now use these settings

  • Raise the bass in the low-end range. You can start from 60Hz and raise it gradually to 120Hz.
  • Increase Treble 6db to the highest band at the topmost end of the EQ. Using small increments of 3db, continue raising the treble until it sounds better, then unpleasant. After reaching the unpleasant stage, decrease the treble 6db until it sounds better (for the second time.
  • To smoothen rough vocals, reduce the band to around 1KHz with 3db increments. If the sounds do not improve, reduce it to 0 and increase it bit by bit. Remember to listen carefully for any improvements before you can stop.

How to Reset a JVC Pro Equaliser

If you don’t enjoy the sounds from your newly tuned equalizer, you might have to reset it. Luckily, this task does not require much work. Now here are the best settings for restoring the factory settings on the JVC equalizer.

  • Press and Hold the On and Select Button of the stereo
  • Hold the buttons for six seconds
  • Release the buttons after the time has passed

Method 2

This method involves using the reset button on the car radio. To perform this setting, you can use the following steps.

  • Turn on the vehicle
  • Remove the control panel from the car stereo
  • Look for the reset button and push it with a thin pen.
  • Press and hold the button with the pen
  • Release after six seconds
  • Replace the control panel

Wrapping Up

JVC Pro equalizers are ideal for producing clear sounds. With the right settings, all users can even expect richer and better audio.

As you adjust a JVC equalizer, disable special audio settings and reset the equalizer to the 0db level. Besides, use only high-res music to perform your settings. With this in mind, do not use music played via Bluetooth or AM/FM radio.

Moreover, there are no universal “best” JVC Pro Eq settings. So if you want to get the best sounds, perform the adjustments until you get beautiful sounds.


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