Best Sound Mode for Samsung Soundbars

When you get a Samsung Soundbars, you can choose the different sound modes depending on your taste and preference. There are various sound modes on the Samsung soundbar. While some are standard, others are suited for specialized needs.

If you don’t choose the best type of sound mode for each streaming session, you might be denying yourself the utmost opportunity to enjoy the best streaming experience. Besides, you won’t even be using your soundbar to its maximum potential.

Which sound mode is the best on Samsung Soundbars? How can you set your soundbar to enjoy the best sound output?

best sound mode for samsung soundbar

This article will answer these questions and many others to help you enjoy the best streaming experience.

Let’s get started.

Samsung Soundbar Sound Modes Explained

Different sound modes are available on the Samsung soundbar. Depending on the type you own, you’ll find four basic sound modes and other specialized modes. You’ll need to learn these modes before choosing the best for your needs. Below are the primary sound modes on any Samsung soundbar:


The standard sound mode is related to the Direct mode on other soundbars. It’s the primary mode and the original sound originating from the streaming content. This sound mode doesn’t adjust the sound of the content with advanced soundbar tech. It doesn’t mix the sound from different channels.


This mode examines the incoming sound signal and optimizes the sound with real-time processing. It automatically processes the sound to optimize it for the best output.


The surround mode offers users an enhanced sound experience similar to the cinema. It combines non-immersive movie soundtracks to take advantage of all the extra soundbar speakers fully. With surround mode, you’ll enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your room.

Game Pro

The Game Pro mode is suitable for gaming sessions. It’s a go-to setting for avid gamers who want to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. It provides 3D directional audio and adaptive sound to users so they can get an improved gaming experience.

The above are the four basic sound modes in many Samsung soundbars. In some cases, you’ll also find sound modes such as Music, Movie, Night, and Sport. These are specialized sound modes that cater to specific purposes, as their name implies.

Best Samsung Soundbar Modes: Making Your Choice

You might be wondering which is the best sound mode for you. Typically, the best sound mode depends on the type of streaming content. Each sound mode has its strength and features, as explained above. You’ll only need to select the one that suits your specific needs for that moment.

Your soundbar mode will be set to neutral. You have to change it to your desired setting. You can try it all out to decide the best match for your content. You can also use Expert settings to customize the sound output to your taste. To help you make a better choice, Below are some tips on when to use each sound mode:

Standard: Good for music because it simulates the stereo sound

Surround: Great for streaming movies because it explores all the extra speakers to prove a virtual 5.1 setting. It gives a full range of audio output.

Adaptive: Also best for music because the voices get a boost. Good if you want to hear the music loud and clear.

Gamepro: Best mode for gaming.

For more specialized purposes, you can use the other types of sound mode accordingly. For clarity, Music mode is suitable for listening to music, Movie mode is best for watching favorite shows, Night mode is ideal for night-time streaming experience, and Sport mode goes well with watching sporting activities.

Beyond choosing the sound mode, the best sound output depends on certain factors such as soundbar placement, size, type, overall acoustics, room size, and shape.

You need to consider these factors to get the best sound streaming experience. Below are specific tips to make your soundbar sound better:

  • Invest in large soundbars that can occupy your room with quality sound. Soundbar sizes help scale the sound to fill up the space. The bigger your room size, the larger the soundbars you should consider buying.
  • Disable your television’s internal speakers so they won’t hinder the sound quality from the soundbar. TV speakers are known to be subpar, and you probably bought a soundbar because of that. So, there’s no reason to keep them active again to avoid sound distractions
  • Use high-quality cables to relay audio signals to your Samsung soundbar. Specifically, Use optical and HDMI cables for the connection. RCA and AUX cables are outdated and might not produce the best sound.
  • Adjust soundbar settings such as Equalizer. This includes your treble and bass levels which can enhance sound quality.

When you utilize the above tips and recommendations, you can rest assured that your soundbars will produce the best quality sound to its maximum potential.


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