Bose Soundbar Settings for Best Audio Output

If you are aiming for high-quality sound from your movies or music, you will need a soundbar. After all, it has features that will produce high-quality audio for various types of content. But before you can get the best options, you should stick with a top electronic brand

Bose is one of the popular audio equipment companies in the market. Their soundbars are loud and well-built. They are also compatible with tons of voice assistants.

You can improve the audio on Bose without depending on technicians. For this task, you will not need any special skills or tools.

Are you ready to tune the sound on your Bose soundbar? Here are the best settings for getting good audio on these devices.

bose soundbar settings for best audio

The Best Equaliser Settings for the Bose Soundbar — for Music

Like every good external speaker, you can set the equalizer settings of the Bose Soundbar until it offers the best audio output. But first, you will have to install the Bose Music App and configure the AdaptiQ audio calibration

So if you use your soundbar for music, use the following settings.

  • Set Treble to 30
  • Adjust the Bass to 60
  • Set the Center to 10 or higher

The Best Equalizer  Settings for the Soundbar 500

The Bose 500 is one of the latest soundbars from Bose. It supports voice control, Wifi/ Bluetooth connectivity, and the Bose Music App. Also, it allows users to find the settings for the best sound.

If you use the Soundbar 700,

check out the following settings:

  • Set Bass Module to 40
  • Adjust the Treble to 50
  • Set Centre to 30
  • Leave Rear on 100
  • Adjust Bass Module to 40
  • Leave the volume level at 30 %

The above settings should work for the Bose Soundbar 700. To use these values, it is vital that you calibrate the system with ADAPTiQ.

The Best Calibration Settings for Soundbar 500

Before you can improve the sound on a Bose Soundbar, it is recommended that you calibrate your sound system. For this reason, Bose introduced the ADAPTiQ feature on its soundbars.

The Bose ADAPTiQ feature allows users to set their soundbars until they experience the best sound.  Here’s how to calibrate your Bose Soundbar with ADAPTiQ.

  1. Make the room as quiet as possible
  2. Take out the ADAPTiQ package
  3. Connect the provided headphones to both AUX jacks.
  4. Wear the headphones correctly.
  5. Sit down in your regular viewing position.
  6. Switch on the suitable video input.
  7. Press the System Button on the Remote
  8. Scroll down to the ADAPTiQ tab and press Enter
  9. Choose RUN and follow the on-screen commands.

Best Calibration Settings for Bose 700 Soundbar

The Bose 700 Soundbar is another powerful tool for listening to various types of content. With this in mind, it offers a premium build, clear sound, and the right amount of settings. Here are the right adjustments for improving the features on this TV.

  1. Do not choose any presets.
  2. Set the Bass to 20
  3. Set the Treble to 30
  4. Leave the Slope on 0.13
  5. Set Std Err. to 2.01
  6. Set Low-Frequency Extension to 51.1 Hz
  7. Set High-Frequency Extension to 19.6 kHz

The Best Audio Settings for Bose Solo 5

The Bose Solo 5 is a small but decent soundbar. Although it is one of the older models, it can enhance audio from most sources. On top of that, it has settings that promise the best sounds.

Below are the best settings for adjusting a Bose Solo 5 soundbar

  • Do not set any presets
  • Leave the Bass setting on -2

Wrapping Up

Bose produces some of the best soundbars in the market. With the right settings, they can rival similar soundbars from other brands.

Always use ADAPTiQ before calibrating any audio settings. Besides, make sure your preferred room is free from any external noise and wear the earphones properly. Also, ensure that the soundbar is well connected to the TV.

However, these settings are not universal. If they don’t provide audio that meets your requirements, you can increase or decrease the settings. Also, you can contact the Bose customer service center or visit any trusted forum.


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