Best Woofer and Equalizer Settings (Samsung)

When it comes to audio, Samsung soundbars, home theatres, and TVs perform well. Thanks to their incredible features, they offer top-quality sound.

Before you can get the best sound quality, you might have to adjust the equalizer and woofer of these devices. However, you might not know the right settings for your equalizer or woofer.

Here are some of the best woofer and equalizer settings for Samsung products.

best woofer and equalizer settings samsung

Best Woofer and Equalizer Settings for Samsung Smart TVs

If you don’t like the audio quality of your Samsung Smart TV, consider adjusting its equalizer.  As expected, this task does not require any special skills or accessories.

Here are the best equalizer settings for Samsung Smart TVs

  1. Open the Main Menu with the Menu button. Then select Home -> Settings
  2. Press the directional button to move downwards and choose Sound.

3.Move downwards and select Sound Effects

  1. Move downwards to Equaliser and Press OK on the TV Remote.
  2. Ensure that all the blue buttons are in the middle of all the sliders. If they are out of place, use the left or right directional buttons to put them in place.
  3. Click on Close and press OK to save the settings.
  4. Return to the Main Menu by pressing the Exit Button.

Best Woofer and Equalizer Settings for Soundbars

Although Samsung TVs have decent speakers, they might not be enough to provide rich sound. With this in mind, you should connect a soundbar to your TV. After all, this device can amplify any audio that comes from your TV content.

Soundbars come with equalizers and woofers. As expected, some settings can enhance the performance of these items.

Here are some recommended settings for working with a woofer or equalizer.

The Best Equalizer Settings for Samsung Soundbars

There is nothing much to adjusting the equalizer of a Samsung soundbar. To get the best sound, you should leave the equalizer on Flat mode. Here are the settings you should expect from this feature.

  1. 32 : 0db
  2. 64 : 0db
  3. 125: 0db
  4. 250 : 0db
  5. 500: 0db
  6. 1k: 0db
  7. 2k: 0db
  8. 4k: 0db
  9. 8k: 0db
  10. 16k: 0db

The Best Settings for Calibrating Samsung Soundbars

If you want to get the best sound from a Samsung soundbar, try calibrating the bass and treble settings. Here are our suggestions for making these adjustments.

  • Preset : Standard
  • Bass Settings: -6
  • Treble Settings : 6
  • Slope:-0.19
  • Std Err : 2.34dB
  • Low Frequency Extension: 42.4 Hz
  • High Frequency Extension : 18.5 kHz

How to Increase the Sub Woofer Base of a Samsung Soundbar

A subwoofer enhances the sound effects of your TV. But before it offers these features, ensure you have the right bass settings. You can use any of the following methods to set a Samsung subwoofer.

Method 1

  1. Get the Sound Bar Remote and choose the Sub Woofer Level button.
  2. Confirm that the soundbar display shows “SW 00”
  3. Increase the bass with the “+” button. You can get values ranging from SW +01 and SW+6. You can adjust the “-” button by pressing the “-” button.
  4. Play an action movie to test your settings.

Method 2

  1. Press the Woofer button on the remote control
  2. Increase the volume by pressing the Skip button above the Audio Sync button. Adjust the bass volume by pressing the “+” button or “-” button
  3. Play an action movie to test the settings

Wrapping Up

Even if Samsung electronics produce top-quality audio, it would help if you set their equalizers or woofers. If the settings do not meet your preferences, you can tweak our recommendations until you get richer sounds.

Samsung TVs also have good equalizers. However, connecting them with soundbars improves their audio quality.

For extra performance, you should go for the best soundbars. Also, ensure that you connect them properly to your TV. Besides, get the best settings for the woofer and equalizer of your soundbar.

After making your adjustments remember to test the settings. For this purpose, play TV shows or music with tons of sound effects.


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