Bose Equalizer Settings for Best Audio Output

Bose is a popular company that offers high-end audio equipment. Thanks to their numerous features, you can expect the best sounds from Bose devices.

To get the ideal level of sound, you might have to tweak the equalizer on Bose products. If handled properly, you should experience sound in a new way.

Even if the settings look technical, they are easy to perform. Besides, they will not take up the whole part of your  With this in mind, there is no need to contact a professional or depend on tools before getting the right audio settings.

Are you interested in making your Bose speakers or headphones sound better? Here are the simple ways that you can achieve this goal.

Bose Equaliser Settings for Best Audio Output

Here are the best settings for several types of Bose products. With these suggestions, you can adjust Bose headphones and speakers to get the best audio.

The Best Equaliser Settings for the Bose QC35

The Bose QC35 is a pair of wireless headphones. On this device, you will get voice control, decent battery life, and noise-canceling technology.

Furthermore, it allows you to set its equalizer for better sound output. However, the settings depend on the ANC level of the headphones.

ANC is the Anti Noise Cancelling feature on Bose headphones. As you use the QC35, the ANC function can block out any unwanted external noise

If you use the QC35, try the following settings. They are ideal for getting good audio from several music genres.

If the ANC ( Anti Noise Cancelling) feature is set at 0 or – 2.

  • Set the Bass to 5
  • Leave the Mids on – 1
  • Set Treble to 4

N.B. Leave the Volume at 80% because anything higher will destroy the mids.

If the ANC level is within 7 – 10, try the following equalizer settings

  • Tune the Bass to 7
  • Set the Mids to 0
  • Leave the Treble on 0

The Best Equaliser Settings for the Bose 700

The Bose 700 is another model of wireless headphones. As with the QC35, you can play around with some settings and enjoy top-quality audio.

If you don’t know the best values for your equalizer settings, try these values.

  • Leave the Bass on 6
  • Adjust the Mids to – 1
  • Leave Treble on 2

The Best Equaliser Settings for the Bose Sound Sport Headphones

Although they are older headphones with wires, the  Bose Sound Sport models are suitable for playing today’s music, games, and videos. With the following equalizer settings, its sound becomes better. To properly adjust the headphones, pair them with an external soundcard.

Now work with the following values:

31Hz (10 db), 1 KHz (-1 db), 11Hz (14db), 500 Hz ( – 1db), 125Hz (10 db), 250Hz (2db), 4KHz ( 0db), 8KHz (4db), 2KHz ( 0 db), 16KHz (4db), Level (0db)

N.B. By using these figures, you will expect a perfect blend of bass, mids, and treble. Overall, it is even perfect for all types of music.

The Best Equaliser Settings for the Bose Soundbar 700

Apart from headphones, you can also adjust the equalizer settings of Bose soundbars. After calibrating the ADAPTiQ settings, use the following settings.

  • Adjust the Bass Module to 40
  • Leave the Treble on 50
  • Set the Centre to 30
  • Adjust the rear to 100
  • Set the volume to 30%

The Best Equaliser Settings for the Playing Music on Bose Soundbar

For playing your favorite tracks on several Bose models, use these values :

  • Set Bass to 60
  • Set Treble to 30
  • Adjust the Center to 10 or higher

Wrapping Up

Even if Bose products have features for optimum audio, it would help if you used any of the earlier-mentioned recommendations. But if you don’t like the results of these settings, you can still use our suggestions as a reference point for making your settings.

You can get extra settings from user forums or the Bose customer service center. Besides, it is possible to seek the services of a professional.

Before setting the audio on Bose products, try set up ADAPTiQ on your Bose speaker or headphones. You can find the instructions for this task on the Bose website. As for the speakers, make sure you connect them properly to TVs or any other sources.


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