Pennington Spreader Settings Guide

If you are ready to grow the lawn and garden of your dreams, you have checked out the right brand. Pennington offers a wide range of products to meet all your lawn and garden unique needs, ranging from fertilizers to grass seeds, weed control, and even wildlife products. 

Every soil amendment product is specially formulated to feed your lawn and garden plants with the right blend of nutrients and minerals. Whether your goal is a lush green turf, productive homegrown vegetables, or a garden with vibrant flowers and leaves, Pennington has the right products to help you succeed.

pennington spreader settings

Pennington Settings for Broadcast Spreaders

When seeding new areas or improving existing lawns, using the right spreader helps simplify labor and improve the results. If you own a large lawn or a big garden area, a broadcast lawn spreader is better for spreading grass seeds over the whole area. 

  • Pennington Bermuda Grass Seed

Spreader Type Bare Spots/New Lawns Over-seeding/Thin Areas
Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader 5 3
Republic EZ Drop Spreader 5 ½ 4 ½
Scotts AccuGreen Drop Spreader 4 3 ½
Scotts EasyGreen  25 25
Scotts SpeedyGreen Broadcast Spreader 3 ½ 2 ½

  • Pennington Smart Seed Northeast 7lb Mixture

Spreader Type Bare Spots/New Lawns Over-seeding/Thin Areas
Expert Gardener Push Seed Spreader 11 ½ 9
Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader 10 7 ½
Scotts Whirl Handheld Spreader N/A 5
Sta-Green 32lb Broadcast Spreader 10 ½ 6 ½

  • Pennington Smart Seed Sun & Shade

Spreader Type Bare Spots/New Lawns Over-seeding/Thin Areas
Expert Gardener Push Seed Spreader 15 ½ 11 ½
Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader 11 ½ 8 ½
Scotts Whirl Handheld Spreader N/A 5
Sta-Green 32lb Broadcast Spreader 10 ½ 6 ½

In the charts above, we have provided the spreader settings for dispersing various Pennington grass seeds using different brands of spreaders across your lawn. Do note that these settings are only starting points to properly calibrating your spreader, and not strict regulations. 

Pennington Ironite Spreader Settings

Pennington Ironite Mineral 1-0-1 Supplement is a distinctive fertilizer that gives your lawn that deep green hue, without causing excessive growth as a side effect, as seen in many nitrogen-rich fertilizers. While nitrogen causes greening and growth, iron ensures greening without the characteristic growth surge. So, if you want to spend less time mowing your lawn while enjoying its lush green shade, you should apply this premium product by Pennington. 

Pennington Recommended Spreader Settings 

  • Drop Spreader Models 

Spreader Type Spreader Settings
Scotts AccuGreen 1000 9
Scotts AccuGreen 2000 9
Scotts AccuGreen 3000 9
Earthway  13
Precision Red Devil 2 ½
Vigoro  11 ½

  • Broadcast Spreader Models

Spreader Type Spreader Settings
Scotts SpeedyGreen 1000  11 ½
Scotts SpeedyGreen 2000  11 ½
Scotts SpeedyGreen 3000 11 ½
Earthway  22
Precision Red Devil 13
Vigoro  9


Pennington Fast-Acting Lime Spreader Settings

Low soil pH can cause weeds, bare spots, and miss to grow on your lawn. Lime helps to even out your soil’s pH, and provides a better soil environment for your lawn which reduces the occurrence of these problems significantly. Be rest assured of getting instant results as Pennington Fast-Acting Lime gets to work immediately after it comes in contact with water. Pennington combines Advanced Soil Technology (AST) and high-quality lime in this unique product to maximize the nutrients available in the soil. 

Recommended Spreader Settings

Spreader Type Model Spreader Settings
Drop Agway DS 4500 4
Drop Scotts AccuGreen 3000 4 ½
Broadcast Agway SB 4000, SB 6000 AG, TBS 4500 PAG 7
Broadcast Agway TBS 4300, TBS 6000 AG 6
Broadcast Agway TBS 7000 3
Broadcast Agway SB 4500 8
Broadcast Earthway 2030 PL, 2050 15
Broadcast Lesco Commercial Plus  15
Broadcast Spyker 76 6
Broadcast Spyker 298 3
Broadcast Scotts SpeedyGreen 2000 7
Broadcast Scotts Standard, Deluxe 4


How to Apply Ironite to Your Lawn

If your turf grass and plants are starting to look more yellow than green, applying Pennington Ironite Mineral Supplement could be the solution to the problem you are faced with. Vibrant, deep green foliage signifies a healthy, blossoming plant. 

Pale green or yellow foliage, on the other hand, indicates nutrient deficiency which can be remedied with Iron, Sulphur, and other minerals contained in the Ironite Mineral Supplement. Ironite can be safely used on your turf grass, shrubs, trees, and vegetables, and it greens them up without promoting excessive growth. 

When used according to the package instructions, Ironite will not burn your plants or stain hard surfaces like your driveways and sidewalks. When applying the product to your lawn, do not use more than 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet to avoid burning your turf grass. Use a minimum of 4 times per year to supplement your regular fertilizer application program for best results. 

Apply using the correct settings for your specific spreader, but do not exceed 10 lawn applications per year. Mow and water your lawn one or two days before applying the Ironite granules, and water in the product after application. Do not apply if heavy rains are expected in your region, as it can wash away the product from the area to be treated. 

Avoid applying Ironite near storm drains, drainage ditches, or water sources. After application, ensure to sweep off any product that falls on hardscapes back into the lawn. Children and pets can safely enter the area once your lawn is dry. 

Pennington Fast-Acting Lime FAQs

Can Pennington Fast-Acting Lime be spread with a broadcast spreader, or does it require a drop spreader?

Pennington Fast-Acting Lime can be applied easily with any spreader, including a broadcast spreader. 

Can you apply Pennington Fast-Acting Lime during the winter season? 

It is best to apply this product in the spring and mid-fall, just before the first frost, so that the lawn can absorb the nutrients through the winter months. 

Can Pennington Fast-Acting Lime be used to kill fleas? 

Pennington Fast-Acting Lime does not have insecticidal properties, so it will not kill fleas in your yard. We recommend using a suitable pesticide to control the infestation. 

Can I use Pennington Fast-Acting Lime to keep snakes away? 

Sadly, the Pennington Fast-Acting Lime only helps to even out the soil’s pH to provide a conducive growing environment for plants. It is not labeled to keep snakes away. Do consider using a snake repellant to keep snakes away from a yard.


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