Sony RX10 IV Best Settings for Impressive Pictures

If you are a fan of photography, you will love the Sony Rx10 IV camera. Although it is a bridge camera, it has enough features that will interest professional and amateur photographers.

On the Sony Rx10 IV, you will get a great sensor, optical zoom, and the BIONZ X processor. It even shoots at 24 fps while maintaining focus. Moreover, the camera supports 4K video recording, inbuilt WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

To get the best performance from this camera, it is recommended that you adjust some settings. As expected, the adjustments can be performed without any technical skills.

sony rx10 iv best settings

The Sony RX10 IV Best Settings

Here are the best settings for working with the Sony Rx10 IV.

The Sony RX10 IV Best Settings for Video

Before you can get the video shots with your device, try working with the following suggestions. If followed properly, you can produce great-looking videos with your device.

Start by working with an SDXC memory card that is rated at U3 or higher. Also, use the silver button to make videos from any setting on the mode dial.

As you use the mode dial, ensure that it stays on the mode dial video settings. When it comes down to it, these video settings convert the video aspect to 16:9 and works on other video settings. Besides, it supports the display of audio meters.

To perform the video settings, you should head to tab 2 screens 1. Here are the best values for setting up the RX10 for videos

  • Exposure: Manual Mode
  • File Format: XAVC S Mode ( 4K )
  • Video Settings: 30p 100 for video look, 24p 100 ( Cinematic Feel)
  • Set ISO as Auto ISO.

N.B. To set ISO, head to tab 1 screen 7 and choose Auto ISO. Adjust the max settings to 6400 and minimum to 100.

  • Metering Mode: Multi or Centre ( for specific conditions)
  • Face Detection: On ( use for shooting people). You can find this setting on Tab 1 Screen 14.
  • Set the Focus Switch to any position except manual. After all, it does not offer continuous focus.
  • Confirm Auto Focus Continuous Mode by pressing the fun button. For the focus area setting, stick to Wide as it suits most scenes.
  • Set White Balance to any setting except Auto.
  • Set the Shutter Speed with the back control wheel. If you are shooting a poorly lit room, set the shutter speed to 130th. For brighter conditions, you can work with 160th
  • Choose F4 with the lens’aperture ring. If you aiming a sharper or in-focus background, stick with f16 or f-11. But for softer backgrounds, ensure you move backward and zoom in.
  • If you are working outdoors with excess light, the auto ISO will flash. You can stop the flash by twisting the aperture ring.
  • Select your preferred creative style from Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear and Deep. If you don’t have any, you should consider Neutral. To get a softer feel, you can tone down the other settings.
  • For outdoor projects, set the Monitor Brightness to Sunny Weather mode.

The Best Sony Rx10 IV Settings for Sport Events

Also the Sony Rx10 IV is ideal for shooting sports events. Even if the subjects move quickly, the camera can capture all the action without any hassles.

Here are the best settings for adjusting the camera for sports photography.

For the Focus Settings:

  • Move to Menu -> Camera 2 -> Menu 9
  • Go to Custom Keys and press the centre button
  • Press the right arrow and go to the AEL button.
  • Confirm the AF On Feature is enabled
  • Disable the shutter by going to Camera 1 – Menu 5
  • Scroll downwards and turn off the Auto Focus with Shutter

After these settings, you can convert the focus hold button to an IATA Focus button.

  1. Go to Menu -> Camera 2 -> Menu 9 -> Custom Key Shooting

2.Go to Menu 2 and scroll to Focus Hold button. Confirm the button is set to Eye Auto Focus.

For the Camera Settings:

  1. Set the Camera Mode to Manual
  2. Set the ISO manually
  3. Set Auto Focus to Auto Focus Continuous
  4. Set the Focus Area to Wide
  5. Turn Off Face Detection
  6. Put Audio Signals in Silent Mode

Wrapping Up

The above settings are ideal for making adjustments to the Sony RX10 IV. If handled properly, it becomes easy for you to capture video and images with the device.


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